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for the horticultural industry
December 2011/January 2012
GreenQ Improvement Centre is a state
of the art greenhouse complex, which
exists exclusively for the development
and display of new growing concepts
and technical installatons. Part of the
GreenQ Improvement Centre is the
Hortcultural Experience Centre, which
is an educatonal centre for students
and trainees from all over the world.
Blending expertse from consultants,
researchers, growers and suppliers, and
with a mix of private and public funding,
GreenQ Improvement Centre takes the
latest science and shows what works
and how it can be applied commercially.
As such, it has great relevance to all UK
growers wishing to improve growing and
energy saving techniques.
A good example is ‘The New Way of
Growing Tomatoes’ project. GreenQ
Improvement Centre has shown that
over a full year’s cropping cycle, they can
produce the same amount of tomatoes as a
typical, up-to-date UK grower using just half
the energy. The team have achieved this
through questoning conventonal practce
and very careful, accurate control of the
greenhouse environment, especially when
it comes to minimising humidity safety
Clearly, such dramatc reducton in energy
use has a knock-on efect when it comes to
the producton of CO
for enrichment. If we
have only half the CO
we would normally
expect to have, how can we use this
reduced supply more efectvely, and what
efect will it have on yield?
The GreenQ team are currently testng CO
dosing in two identcal 1,000 m
compartments. In one, the Dutch standard
of 65 kg/m
/year is used, while the second
only has half the CO
available (32.5 kg/m
Some minor adjustments are also being
made to the dosing regime. An interim
evaluaton shows that the tomato yield in
the reduced rate treatment is only down by
about 3 %, or 1.5 kg/m
, when compared to
the conventonal treatment.
Although stll ongoing, the general message
seems to be that growers can get more from
reduced CO
dosing than they might think.
The centre is also working with Philips and
some Dutch grower groups to investgate
using LED interlightng on tomatoes.
GrowSave will be keeping a close eye on all
developments at GreenQ, interpretng the
results for UK growers, and bringing the
latest updates to you via
and in future editons
of HDC Energy News.
In additon, you can see what work is
relevant to your specifc crops at and you can visit GreenQ
Improvement Centre independently at any
tme by appointment.
Dutch Improvement Centre pioneers new
energy-saving methods
See for yourself
There will be a GrowSave study tour
to Holland in January 2012, which will
focus on developments in LED lightng.
We are hoping to include a visit to
GreenQ Improvement Centre, primarily
to look at their work on LEDs. The visit
will also give atendees the chance
to see the centre’s latest work with
reduced CO
growing techniques and
low energy climate controls.
Details of the study tour will be
emailed to HDC members in early
December. In the meantme, if you are
interested in joining the trip, please
email your contact details to:
RHI back on track
EU state aid approval delayed the launch
of the Renewable Heat Incentve, expected
on 30th September, afer the European
Commission raised concerns that the large
biomass tarif was set too high.
They have since approved the scheme,
subject to a reducton from 2.7 p per kWh
to 1 p per kWh for biomass projects over
1 MW.
This must now be re-laid before
Parliament, and DECC hope to open the
scheme to applicatons by the end of
November 2011. Projects under 1 MW are
unafected, but those planning a larger
installaton will need to revisit their return
on investment projectons.