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When planning a new energy project,
whether as a consumer or a generator,
you ofen require a new or upgraded
electricity grid connecton. This may
be for a new crop store or greenhouse,
additonal equipment or lightng, a
CHP project or a renewable energy
generaton project.
It’s important to consider the grid
connecton at the very start, because it can
take a long tme to complete, and can be a
signifcant cost element within the overall
project. Establishing the true cost early on
is key to accurate cash fow planning and
return on investment – and can afect the
viability of the whole scheme.
In today’s privatsed and compettve energy
market, all the components of supply are
separate and up to four diferent companies
may be involved.
Your electricity grid connecton is organised
by your Distributon Network Operator
(DNO) and you may use an additonal
Independent Connectons Provider (ICP) for
some of the connecton works. Then there
is your electricity supplier and, fnally, the
organisaton that looks afer your metering.
So, it can also be a bit of a minefeld if you
are unaware of who is responsible for what
and how it all fts together.
In this guide to electricity grid connectons,
we aim to demystfy the process and show
you how to avoid the common pitalls.
Planning your project
You are likely to have various advisors and
suppliers involved in your development. Be
clear from the outset who is responsible for
the grid connecton element; it’s easy for
this to get overlooked or receive too litle
atenton, and it’s a mistake to think it will
be a quick and simple mater to address
later on.
You may be lucky enough to be working
with a developer who is used to managing
grid connectons. If not, consider using a
specialist energy advisor.
Take care to ask for the correct specifcaton
for your supply – single or three phase, the
correct voltage and the capacity.
Sizing the supply
Size the supply to take the diversity of use
into consideraton. Just adding together
the ratngs of all equipment will produce an
oversized supply capacity. This will be more
expensive to install and may put subsequent
tarif charges up.
The best way to determine a true fgure
is to compare your proposed installaton
with a similar one already in operaton. An
independent energy advisor can help here,
using their experience of similar projects.
Overall, even a modest-sized connecton can
take around a year or more to obtain, so
it’s essental to start the process as early as
Although your DNO can provide a budget
quote within two to three weeks, they
tend to work to set service levels when it
comes to responding to requests for full
quotatons. This is usually 65 working days
How to achieve a successful
grid connection
• DNO – Distributon Network
The owner and operator of the
network of towers and cables that
bring electricity from the Natonal
Transmission Network to your
• ICP - Independent Connectons
An accredited company that
is enttled to build electricity
networks to the specifcaton and
quality required for them to be
subsequently owned by the relevant
• Electricity supplier
The company that supplies and sells
you your electricity.
• Meter operator
The company that installs and looks
afer your electricity meter and
measures your electricity usage.