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November 2013
| November 2013
Canadian Technology on
Show to UK Growers
UK growers will get the opportunity to see how their counterparts in Canada
are tackling production efficiency challenges, including energy saving,
thanks to a study tour that will take place between 22nd February and 2nd
March 2014. Delegates joining the tour will go to the horticultural production
areas in Ontario and British Columbia for five days, packed with visits to
commercial nurseries, research stations and manufacturers / suppliers.
The tour is being partly financed through funding won by AHDB from Defra’s
Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE). This funding is covering tour
management costs and will reduce the cost of attendance to delegates, who will
only need to pay for meals, travel and accommodation.
After arriving in Toronto, the programme kicks off with three days in Ontario visiting
leading producers of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Technologies on show
will include all-year-round production, featuring technologies like lighting, waste heat
utilisation from Bioethanol production, and state-of-the-art production. Visits to
the Vineland Research Station and Harrow Research Station will give delegates
the chance to see projects on a wide range of topics, including labour efficiency,
energy saving, and growing media.
After a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, the technical visits programme will
resume with two more days of nursery visits in the Delta area of British Columbia.
Here, the highlights will include nurseries using biomass fuels for heating, a
pioneer of the commercial use of sealed and semi-sealed greenhouses, and the
only commercial nursery in the world with the ProSelect CO
from biomass
recovery system.
The GrowSave team at Farm Energy
Centre is organising the tour on
behalf of HDC, and Farm Energy
Centre representatives will be joining
the tour to help growers interpret the
information they will receive. This will
include putting the facts and figures
into a UK industry context.
Places on the tour are still available and
they will be allocated on a first-come,
first-served basis. The exact cost of
attendance is dependent on flight costs,
which are variable depending on the exact
date of booking confirmation. However the
delegate cost will be around £1,900 each.
Join Us On Tour...
If you would like more details of the
visit itinerary, or if you would like to
discuss coming on the visit, then either
go to
or call
Tim Pratt on 024 7669 6512.
Energy Price
Although the retail markets have
seen recent sudden hikes in price,
the wholesale markets have been
relatively quiet over the last few
months. This is largely thanks to mild
temperatures and a well supplied
energy system. There have been no
big shocks on energy prices, with
the only real glitch coming when the
political tensions in Syria were at
their height.
Although the prices of most fuels have
remained stable, we have seen a steady
divergence in the gap between gas and
electricity. This seems to be driven by
increasing nervousness about the ability
of the UK electricity network to deal with
peak demands over the coming winter
and beyond. All of this is good news for
the operators of electricity generators,
and most notably growers with CHP,
as this widening of the margin between
gas and electricity makes generation
potentially more profitable.
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